Section 11067

Acoustical Drapery and Track (Auditorium Side Walls)

Section 11068

Sound Reflector Panels (Clouds Over Seating Area)

Section 11073

Acoustical Drapery and Tracks for Auditorium Walls


Section 11081

Automated Theatre Hoists (Including Integrated Lighting Circuits)

Section 11082

Electrical Projection Screen

Section 11087-24

Performance Lighting System (24 Dimmers)

Section 11087-48

Performance Lighting System (48 Dimmers)

Section 11087-48/24

Performance Lighting System (48 Dimmer Rack 24 Dimmers)

Section 11087-96

Performance Lighting System (96 Dimmers)


Section 11060

Theatre and Stage Equipment (Full Fly Rigging)

Section 11062

Theatre Rigging and Equipment (Partial Fly Rigging-Partial Fixed Rigging)

Section 11063

Braille Fire-Stop Curtain and Rigging

Section 11070

Counterweight Rigging and Equipment

Section 11071

Motorized Rigging Specification

Section 11076

Line Shaft Winch System

Section 11077

Pipe Grid System

Section 11078

Room Divider and Track (Double Faced Velour)

Section 11079

Sound Reflector Panels Over the Stage

Stage Curtains

Section 11061

Stage Curtains, Tracks, and Related Equipment

Section 11064

Stage Equipment (Two Prosceniums)

Section 11065

Stage Equipment (Drapery Replacement and Hardware Renovations)

Section 11066

Stage Curtains and Related Equipment

Section 11069

Stage Equipment (Drapery Replacement)

Section 11072

Platform Curtain, Track, and Draw Curtain Machine

Section 11074

Contour Curtain and Motor

Section 11075

Darkening Draperies and Drapery Track

Section 11080

TV Studio Perimeter Drapery

Section 11085

Black Box Theatre

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